NSFW Dreaming

So this morning (Last night, whatever) I had this dream that was so erotic and dangerous. I wish I hadn't woken up... It may spawn a slew of sexy Plushie-arts once my obligation table is cleared...

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Art Whoring Commencing

Here is the situation: Fryll and I moved to Cali, got screwed oit of a perfectly affordable apartment and then settled for a nice, but expensive one near the ocean. Of was very affordable until we lost our roommate and had to then cover his part of the rent. As a result things are tight. Super tight. This means Im going to start taking emergency assist art commissions. Details will be up on my FA page but I will be offering color conbadges in normal and jumbo for 15 and 25 dollars repectively. Regular 8x11 commissions will be available only as pencil or ink monochrome for 30 or 40 dollars for one character. Rates may change with complexity. I apologize for the lack of full color full page but my colorblindness makes it too hard for me with the resources I have right now. I will be limiting the number of spots open at a given time to 10, which may also fluctuate with complexity.

If you are interested in owning a 2008 Plushielove and also want to help keep a mongoose and his alien cat mate off the streets, please email me: plushielove (at)

You should also hit to see some of my old work.

Artwork will be digitally scanned by Fryll and available as a JPEG but will also be available in a hard copy through the mail at no cost to customers in the continental US.

Lots of Love:
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On being a SoCal Fur

So tonight was my very first furmeet in California and it was a doozy.

I was invited to join the monthly meet at The Prancing Skiltaire in the OC. It was the largest gathering of furs I've seen outside of a convention that I've ever seen. Not knowing anyone at all I was, of course, very shy. I hope to get to know some of them better over time, though. The promise of monthlies like this really excites me. I already met some very humbling artists and fursuiters. I can say one thing though, that meeting an artist like Balto has inspired me to draw again. That in anad of itself is a welcome blessing.

Big thanks to Donkey for being my first Cali fur friend and for bringing me to the event.

Getting there...

One step forward, one step back. Getting internet and cable telly set up on Sunday. Yay! Job transfer spiraling into non-existence. Boo!

It may end up that I have to search for a whole new job... At least for a while. Oh well. I'm not homeless and we're not bankrupt. At least we got that going for us.

Aside from that, EVE has re-consumed my soul.

For my ravenous fans: Yes. There will be pr0nz coming. Be patient.

This teeny post has concluded.

Good Newses and Bad Newses

Good Newses:
The fires here in SoCal are getting under control and things are starting to look up.
We got an apartment after alot of dickery and will be moving in tomorrow.

Bad Newses:
The Santa Ana winds are poised to act up again later in the week, meaning that the blazes might blow up again.
The move in date is Halloween and we may not have gas or electricity active until later in the week... And longer for internet.

But things are moving along. One day follows another and we progress. With any luck we'll be wired for intarwebz and have our feet finally on terra firma by next week... Not that living out of hotels for half a month wasn't fun. :-p

Just when I thought I could get back on track...

So I've been fading in and out of existence the past few years because Tris and I have been scrambling to manage living paycheck to paycheck while also working on moving out somewhere...

So between our personal lives and trying not to go insane with various things my attention has been waxing and waning between points of interest which has made being me very difficult.

Then it happened. We moved. We got ready, we packed, we shipped, we drove. A week and a half later we arrived at a friend's house in West Hills... And then California caught on fire. Amongst even all of this we still don't have a place to live because the owner is dicking us around... And has been for about a month.

So we're not quite landed YET... But it does feel like I have arrived and I can safely begin participating in my community the way I have been wanting to for a long time.

Here's to paying attention to my LJ again. Woo!

*snuggle kisses to all watchers*

Plushielove: The Next Generation

So I'm finally starting to catch up with myself. I've got a new scanner and I'm working on updating my FurAffinity gallery slowly, but what am I doing in the meantime?

1) Spending time with my mate. He is (of course) the most important sentient in my life and gets my utmost attention when I can give it. That tends to black me out of general socialization past 22:30 EST.

2) Gaming. Those of you that know me know I lurve my video games. Lately I've been playing alot of stuff on the Wii virtual console. It's so lovely to play the gems from my youth that I still love so much today. I've also been playing Pokemon again, working on both Pearl and Fire Red version and working on being able to compete at the Battle Revolution circuit on Wii. If you are a fellow furry Pocket Monsters lover who plays online, gimme a buzz on Yahoo Messenger or leave a reply here.

3) Art. My art has been stagnant lately and I'm trying to pick it up again. It's just like riding a bike. I never lose my ability to do it, but after having sat on my downy behind for months it hurts my legs something terrible to do it again >.> Or... Well... You know what I mean.

4) SecondLife. SL has become, again, a primary means of social interaction for me. I have been on fairly regularly and I'm always happy to say hello, shake a paw, and kiss a baby. I'm Plushielove Lightcloud on SL and have been RPing as a pirate as of late. I can usually take time off here and there to kiss a cheek or something else that is wet and pink.

5) Work. All this lovely lifestyle stuff has to be funded somehow. After months of unemployment, I am back in with a solid 30-40 hr/wk job. I enjoy doing it very much and it pays fairly well... It just eats up my already poorly organized time.

That pretty much covers stuff. Please keep in mind that I am both scatterbrained and consistently busy, so if you send me a message through the tubal intarwebs or through SecondLife please accept my apologies if I cannot give you my full attention. If you get me though, be sure you're ready for me. I'm a force that few have the power to reckon with! *MWA HA HA HA* *twinkly wink*

Ta ta for now my spongy, warm, squishable compadres.


Today has just been one of those days. I had to work at 1:30 so I woke up at 9:30 and promptly hit the snooze button repeatedly, resulting in my waking up at about noon. Crap. So I rushed up, bathed my bod, crammed some toast down my maw and left. Then all day long I had something in my freakin eye. It drove me f'ing batty. It's better now, but now I've developed a mystery bruise on the inside of my elbow. Grawr.

It has been brought to my attention that some cool dude has created an hour-long movie using the awesome adventure game Full Throttle. For those at home, like me, who were never able to grab a copy back in ye golden age of SCUMM, you can head over here (;6356246;;/fileinfo.html) to download and enjoy the awesome.


I am finally preparing a savings fun and making arrangements for the attendance of Anthrocon 2007. It has been several years since I was last able to attend so it I am long overdue for my return. I may even have my iPhone for AC07. Oh the geekyness that will ensue whtn the iPhone-owning furs converge...

Plushielove is a /Switcher!?

Okay... So it's funny how things change. Night turns to day, spring gives way to summer, Plushielove embraces Mac...

So yeah... Long story short I inherited an iBook G4 from a good friend. It was cool because it was A): A free laptop and B): It was a FREE laptop.

But the adventure was soon to begin when I opened her up and booted her. She was a Mac. I mean... I knew that... But I wasn't yet ready to realize the full breadth of what that meant. She was a Mac... Running OS X. I have never used a Mac before. Well I have, actually, but not since I was in 5th grade on a 1st generation Macintosh.

So I have been tinkering with her for the past week or so and I dare to say that I like it alot. Alot alot. I dare say more than my Windows PC. I have been enlisting the help of veteran Mac users to assist me in the transition, and they have all been very helpful.

I <3 my iBook. I plan on utilizing it to resurrect my usual active internet presence.

Plushielove is a pretentious Mac switcher! Get the foam bats!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is the day where my plump rump gets a smack for every year I've been turning heads on this beautiful blue orb.

*undoes hir belt to reveal a round red and black furred booty from which sprouts a long, bushy banded tail in matching colors.*

*Shi wiggles hir tush at you tauntingly*

Twenty-three spanks boys and girls. Let's see who the first (and luckiest) 23 are to get the privelige.

And if I dont get 23 spanks, I will turn into a pumpkin at midnight.